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LDC Technologie works with general contractors and real estate agents.

Our company collaborates regularly with architects, electricians and businesses that specialize in mechanical engineering. LDC Technologie works closely with the key players in construction that look to satisfy the consumers of today and tomorrow, in Québec, and throughout America (Canada, United States, Costa Rica, etc.).
LDC Technologie is the leader of business and home automation in Quebec.

We offer our expertise in home automation for your construction project. We have become a one-stop service for technological integration building material for project managers constructing housing for the elderly, luxury condominiums and prestigious homes.
You are on the brink of finding a solution for developing projects that will help you to build a successful relationship with your clients.

Finally, you are really going to stand out from the competition. The secret to your company’s success lies in understanding the needs of your target market. The two fundamental values that your clients are looking for are security and joy of living. Pertaining to construction, your challenge lies in making secure, comfortable buildings that respect the budgets of your clients.
You are going to leave your competitors far behind by offering your clients buildings that ensure a great level of security and that allow them to live and work comfortably.

You are doing your clients a favor by explaining to them that it is important to preview the construction installation facilities of home automation and security devices. Thanks to you, your clients can learn that it is simpler and more economical to invest in the wiring and installation of the control equipment they want at the beginning of the construction.
New technology is finally providing affordable home automation products, which enable you to introduce the concept of a smart building to your clients.

So, in your service offer, you can include a supplementary section geared towards the technological integration. The client has the choice of simply accepting or refusing. All you have to do is inform LDC Technologie when you prepare another submission. A sales engineer from our company will then meet with a representative on your behalf to develop a specialized concept that takes your budget and expectations into account.
We invite you to browse this site to learn more about LDC Technologie.

Take the time to learn about our range of products and services and to read the testimonials of our satisfied clients. It would be our pleasure to find out more about you over the phone to see how we can work together.

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