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Your trusted partner in home automation

LDC Technologie specializes in home automation and technological integration used for the construction of institutional, commercial and residential buildings.Our company began in 2004 and it is expanding rapidly thanks to the democratization of home automation and, most of all, its proficiency for developing solutions that make the everyday lives of its clients easier.

Expected results

By working with LDC Technologie, you will benefit from the help of a sales engineer specializing in home automation to develop a unique construct and to help you, if necessary, to sell it to the decision makers. The ultimate goal is to construct a building that is going to bring great satisfaction to the future occupants who are going to live and work there. Once all the facilities are installed and tested, our clients appreciate the fact that we delivered what we promised and that it works as they thought it would.

Our values

A good attitude We attach a great deal of importance to the recruitment of our employees. We select people who have good dispositions and work well on an interpersonal level. The know-how is important, of course, but the etiquette is essential. We want our clients to be happy to do business with LDC Technologie and we want our employees to be happy to work with us.

Excellent work Our solutions are tested, reliable and work well. We have an excellent reputation and we continue to offer impeccable service to our clients. We love our job and we are passionate about home automation.

Honesty We suggest useful concepts and we do not use our clients to perform test. We make the effort to focus our time solely to our clients at all times.0/span>

Simplicity We only sell what is practical to our clients. We propose efficient concepts that are going to work for daily living. Our feet are on the ground, no useless gadgets here.

Our approach

LDC Technologie uses a structured approach to meet these demands:

1. Meet the client: needs, expectations, budget et schedule
2. Concept of the service offer in 3D
3. Technical chart and estimate of costs
4. Imputation of the plan with Autocad software
5. Execution of work: wiring, facilities installation, programming, testing
6. Training the users

We present immediate solutions. The engineer ideally intervenes in the project as soon as possible in order to have the opportunity to meet you and understand your needs. He will suggest a unique concept, tailored specifically to your expectations.

We perform a technological watch in order to present the best solutions to our clients. Nous visitons par exemple sur une base régulière le Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, which is about the largest public professional exhibition of electronics in the world.

Why should you work with us?

Whatever you are looking for, we are sure to be able to respond to your expectations. Our offer is very diversified. We love technological challenges. Although we are passionate about technology, in the end, we are always looking to offer easy-to-use solutions for our clients.

Our systems are completely "user friendly". Did you know that some people spend over $100 000 for an in home theater and do not know how to use it? What a waste! With LDC Technologie, you have one remote control for all of your audiovisual components. Oh joy!

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